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Is it fall yet?

I feel like such a traitor for asking that question! I'm a summer baby! Aren't I ...?

For some reason, this year I'm craving cooler weather and all the fantastic goodies that come with the change of season.

To name a few of my favorites ...

I'm obsessed with sweaters. And flannel. I want them soft as kittens' fur and loose enough that I can tuck my hands inside the sleeves or pull the collars up over my nose when it gets cold. Some might call my fall style frumpy lumberjack ... and I dig it! I'd love to offer up a store that makes the perfect fall sweater and flannel (maybe LL Bean?), but honestly, my go-to shopping is secondhand stores. I'm cheap! However, I CAN share my Pinterest board with all the lovely, over-sized, luxuriously cozy clothes I would own if I could afford it all.

What's your favorite fall clothing?

On to the next bit ...

Tis the season of cider. When I'm out at the bars, it's guaranteed that I'm asking the bartender if there are any ciders on tap. And at home, I make sure to pullout my crockpot at least once each season and brew up some apple cider from scratch. Mmmmm warm cider! The scent of cinnamon and cloves in the air is better than any candle, especially because it's frowned upon to drink hot wax, no matter how tasty it smells. Here's a cider recipe that's worked well for me in the past.

And my fall love fest wouldn't be complete without food. Bring on the pumpkins! No, I'm not talking about those silly pumpkin spice lattes (although, I admit, they've earned their own delicious points). What I'm getting at is pumpkin pastries. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pancakes. And the most glorious item of all: pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Holy hell are these things gloriously sinful. All those cider spices mixed with chocolate, and then maintaining a constant moistness because of that talented orange gourd I love so much! Make a batch, and I'd be surprised if they last more than a day or two in your house. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Okay, now that I've drooled all over my keyboard, I have to make a confession. I think I know why I'm catching fall fever a little bit early. Its because I've been working on a paranormal romance for the autumn equinox!

Remembering a Witch is full of magic and all the fall feels. It has pumpkins and pastries and wine with seasonal spices! Plus, there's a witch who sees visions of the past and is pretty sure she and her boyfriend are reincarnated. You know ... normal stuff.

Anyway, I hope that you're amped for fall, and that you take a chance on my short (16,000 word) novelette. It's only 99 cents! You can find out more about the story and links for buying it here.

Happy autumn equinox!



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