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Lauren's Library #11

This episode I'm doing something different ...


Lauren's Library has consisted solely of book recommendations so far, but you know what? That's not all I read. In fact, this last weekend I stumbled upon a webcomic and consumed all 75 episodes in two days. TWO DAYS!

That lovely, time-devouring comic was ...

Let's Play by Mongie

Image of Sam from Let's Play

Image by Mongie

Let's Play follows a socially anxious game developer along with a cast of interesting characters in her life. The story is heartwarming and hilarious. Plus it deals with a whole range of insecurities and silent demons people struggle with on a daily basis. But most importantly, there is an adorable doggo named Bowser. Read it!

Now, while I loved diving into Let's Play for the first time, the truth is, I have another webcomic obsession. One I lust after. A story that is a glorious bright light of awesomeness shining down on my Sunday. And that one is ...

Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe

Hades holding Persephone

Image by Rachel Smythe

This webcomic revisits the ancient story from greek mythology about Hades, Lord of the Underworld, and his relationship with the Goddess of Spring, Persephone. The original telling is very kidnap-y, with Hades stealing Persephone away from her mother. But Smythe morphs the tale into a romance by asking the question What if Persephone wanted to be stolen? And believe me, once you meet this Hades, you'll want to be kidnapped, too. I wouldn't say no to being tied up by him either ...

And guess what? MORE DOGGOS!!!

Persephone kissing Cerebus

Image by Rachel Smythe

Both of these artists are wildly talented and fantastic story tellers. If you're someone who enjoys beautiful images, then give these webcomics a try!



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