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Lauren's Library #10

The weather was supposed to be getting warm by now, but out here in Colorado we're still battling snow! Oh well. If I'm stuck inside, that just means more times for reading. Here's a few of my favorites from May!

Barbarian Alien by Ruby Dixon

This book is the second installment in a crazy, ridiculous, sexy-as-hell-if-hell-froze-over-because-we're-stuck-on-an-ice-planet alien romance! I fell down the rabbit hole with this series and have not bothered trying to climb back out. If you like your men big, blue, horned, and sporting tails, then this is the intergalactic journey for you. I'm picking this story in particular because it's an enemies to lovers, and the heroine is hilariously snarky. Ruby Dixon is not for everyone, but she is definitely for me!

A Kiss for Midwinter by Courtney Milan

Why read a Christmas-themed novella in the middle of May, you might ask? Umm ... because it's Courtney Milan, and she writes pure gold. Duh. (Also, as I previously mentioned, it's still snowing). This story was so heartwarming! Lydia has been mistreated (by men, of course), but she's determined to see the good in everything. Jonas is a sarcastic doctor with a dark sense of humor that can't get Lydia to take him seriously. I. LOVED. IT. Another enemies to lovers, because I guess that's my jam this month.

Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster

Jen Lancaster has a way of describing her life that makes me cringe and yet also laugh hysterically. I highly suggest listening to the audio version of really any of her books, maybe drinking some wine while you do, and treat the experience like listening to your wacky best friend recount their odd life.

Can't wait to dive into my TBR pile and share some more of my finds next month!



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