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Filling the silence with podcasts ...

Every day I have to do menial tasks. They're repetitive and mind-numbing, and even though they're necessary (no one wants me to stop brushing my teeth, I'm sure), often I come away from them feeling like I wasted a chunk of time. But I've found a solution ...


Now my days are full of learning and laughter, I thought I'd share a handful of my favorite podcasts with you all.

Didn’t you know? I’m, like, super professional …

When I listen to All the Kissing, I hear the voices of kindred women! This podcast is tagged as “for romance writers, by romance writers.” I took this proclamation to heart by being more than just a listener. I’ve also written for the All the Kissing blog! My piece, How to Get Started in Self-Publishing, came out earlier this month, and it makes me so freaking happy to know that my words might be helping out other romance authors just as much as listening to AtK has helped me. AtK is such a great family to be a part of!

Any author, tradition or self-published, needs to do some kind of marketing. The idea of marketing my own work was terribly daunting, but Chris Syme hands out new, helpful tips each week. This podcast has opened my eyes to the variety of ways I can get readers interested in my books.

When the world is shit, sometimes I just need to laugh …

Usually people are miserable on Mondays: the weekend is over and we’re back to the boring old 8 to 5. However, I have a glorious ray of sunshine to look forward to at the beginning of each week: a new episode of the Heaving Bosoms podcast! Erin and Melody dive deep into a different romance novel every week, and these women have such a giggly, engaging rapport that I can’t help but crack up along with them. Read the book, don’t read the book, be a fan of romance, claim disinterest in the genre, it doesn’t matter! Their discussions are hilarious across the board. I’ve already converted the majority of my family members into listeners. My dad’s words: “Every man should listen to this podcast. It’s very educational.” This comment came right after a discussion of the importance of the female orgasm.

Enough said.

When I was thirteen, my dad would drive me to school every morning, and we would always tune the radio to the Preston and Steve show. That means I’ve been listening to them for a good fourteen years! This hilarious morning show is based out of Philly, and I love them so much I made my main characters in You Only Need One fans of the program. How do I even describe their awesomeness? Preston and Steve may be the leaders of the gang, but their random discussions wouldn’t be half as funny without Kathy, Casey, Nick, and Marisa’s input. TMI, strange callers, hilarious impressions, inside jokes, rampant mockery, and the comforting feeling that you’re part of a big, barely functional family. Let’s just say, one time I was so distracted by them, I almost burned my apartment down (maybe one day I’ll share that crazy story ;-P).

Holiday bonus ...

Yeah, I know, the holidays are over ... but, I was lucky enough to find these guys right before my road trip from Ohio to Colorado in early December. Bran, Panda, and Dan kept me laughing the whole way, while simultaneously immersing me in the holiday spirit. I’ve never watched a Hallmark Christmas Movie before, and I still haven’t, but I feel like I get them now. They are beautiful, weird, flawed creations that make for perfect comedy fodder. If you’re bummed that Christmas is twelve months away, give this podcast a listen and pretend you’ve made it to the end of 2019 in record time!

I hope you give at least one of these amazing listening jewels a try.



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