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SOLO Birthday

How do you like to spend your birthday? If you're like me, the answer to that question is easy: alone.

I am an introvert and I am a people pleaser. That means that spending time around other people saps my energy, leaving me tired and sometimes cranky. Sorry, but I have no interest in being cranky on my birthday. And the people pleaser aspect means I'm concerned about whether or not the people around me are having a good time. This is especially true if I'm the one who chose the activity we're doing or the place we're eating, which if it's my birthday, you can be sure I did. Why would I want to deal with that anxiety?

So, I don't.

Or rather, I didn't.

This past birthday was all about me treating myself.

I made my favorite breakfast. I took myself out to my favorite coffee shop. I gave myself permission to read instead of writing (but ended up writing 2,000 words instead because that's what I felt like doing!) I went to a book shop to buy whatever caught my eye. I ate lunch at a small cafe and enjoyed my new book while I sat outside.

These were all things I did because I enjoy them, and I navigated the day on my timetable.

I don't need anyone else to celebrate my birthday. I just want to be able to celebrate it for myself.

The day I was born is all about me loving the fact that I'm alive and giving myself all the things I want without any guilt or obligation involved!

Anyone else a fan of solo birthdays like me? What are your favorite things to treat yourself to?

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