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Sunday Slump and the #RomComRemedy

Sometimes, I feel like Sunday has a giant countdown clock hanging over it, ticking away the minutes until Monday arrives. My brain starts to think about waking up early the next day and scheduling meetings and preparing for classes and working on projects and ... BLEH!

My weekend isn't even over, and I'm already shifting into work mode.

Fear not! I've come up with the perfect remedy: rom coms. You heard me right! I am curing this anxiety-inducing mindset by devoting my Sunday evenings to romantic comedies. Each week, I will choose a new rom com to watch. Maybe it'll be a new release. Maybe it'll be a classic I never got around to seeing. Maybe I'll choose to re-watch one I've loved in the past. Maybe I'll pull up a list of rom coms, close my eyes, and point to a random title. Just know, they will always be romances, and they will always be at least a little funny!

But I'm not only going to stop this self-care train at the movie station. Sunday evenings are now going to require a delicious dinner, preferably made by someone else. Hello take out!

And what is a relaxing night without a tasty drink to pair with it? Every Sunday, you can bet I'll be sipping on wine or beer or maybe even a fancy cocktail I whip up for myself.

Once my libations have been secured, my grumpy puppy and I will settle on the couch and start the rom com of the week.

How can this turn out to be anything other than a highlight for my week? Something I look forward to? I wouldn't be surprised if I start wishing for Sunday nights to arrive faster!

So, that's it. My Sunday Slump will be treated with a #RomComRemedy

Oh, yeah, there's that bit, too. To make sure I'm actually watching my movies and not letting my over-active brain start up its Monday worries, I'm going to tweet about the movies as I watch them. I've never been much for live tweeting, and I doubt anyone will be interested in my rom com musings, but if you'd like to try the #RomComRemedy with me, I'll post the movie I've chosen some point on Saturday. Then, on Sunday, I'll be tweeting using the #RomComRemedy hashtag.

Feel free to stop by or watch along with me!

My twitter handle is: @laurenaliciaCon



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