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How I'd die in a horror movie ...

It's time for a Real Life Story!

As I walked through my new town, I took my time glancing at different storefronts. Having only moved here a few months ago, I'm always discovering interesting things. While I meandered along main street in downtown, I came upon a chalkboard sign that read "Books Upstairs". The message sat at the bottom of a staircase leading into an unfamiliar building.

The set up was kinda sketchy, but I've never been able to resist the siren call of books. So obviously, I went up the mystery stairs.

After ascending the creaky, wooden steps, I came to a wide, tall hallway. Doors lined the length of it, but every one of them was shut up tight. So I'm thinking: Where are the books? I was promised books.

Some people might've turned back at that point, but I chose to venture down the deserted hallway. After turning a corner, I found myself in another hallway. At the end, sat a bookshelf.

A single bookshelf? Is this all I get?

But, when I approached the shelf, I finally discovered an open doorway. Tucked away on an upper floor in that random building was a used bookstore. Behind the front counter sat a professor-y looking guy, and the moment I stepped into the shop, Bean, the bookstore dog, trotted out to say hello to me.

After giving me a free cookie, the guy pointed me to a massive wall stuffed to bursting with fiction novels. In no rush, I took my time browsing, selecting a hard cover Harry Potter I've been missing from my collection and a few graphic novels. Then, when I didn't have enough money to buy all the books I wanted, the owner let me pay with what cash I had.

I descended the steps, stepping out onto the sunny street, feeling like I'd just connected a little bit more to my new home.

This story had a happy ending. However, I realized that if I was ever in a horror movie, all the killer would need to do is make up a sign promising me books, and I'd walk into the creepy basement, or the haunted attic, or the abandoned asylum without a second thought.

But who can pass up books?

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