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Writing a Rom Com is Self-Care

Bubble baths are great. Wine is a glorious elixir of happiness. Dark chocolate is equivalent to vitamins in my mind.

There are so many things being suggested for "self-care," and I believe every single one is right. Maybe not right for everyone, but right for someone! So this week, I thought I'd offer up one of my self-care hacks ...

What I surround myself with on a daily basis has an effect on my mood. This includes the music I listen to, the shows I watch, the books I read, and most importantly the things I write. Now, I don't mean to say that if I want to live a joy-filled life that I can only listen upbeat pop songs. It's only that I've come to the realization that when my mood takes a steady downward dive, there are certain steps I can take to level myself out. And this includes writing comedy.

Romantic comedy, to be precise.

When I write, I try my best to get into the mindset of the character for a stretch of time, and if my MC is supposed to be in a quirky situation filled with humor, then I'm basically marinading my brain in that emotional concoction for the entirety of my writing time. And the next writing session, I often re-read the last few passages I wrote the day before, so I get to revisit all those jokes and hilarious scenarios!

What I want to say is, writing a romantic comedy can be cathartic. The one I've been crafting this past month is just a 26,000 word novella. Short and sweet. Nowhere near as heavy as trying to take on an entire novel. And even the process of outlining it was fun. Because, when you're creating a romantic comedy, you're basically asking yourself over and over again, "Okay, what else could happen that would be funny?"

And maybe it's dorky, but I make myself laugh all the time! What better self-care is there then enjoying spending time with yourself?

Plus, I now have this adorable story about two people falling in love. Since I wrote the book for myself, it wouldn't be a big deal if I never published it. I didn't write it for anyone else.

But, I like it. A lot.

So, you lucky ducks, I've decided I will share it! Hopefully, my self-care turns into an enjoyable read for someone else. Their own version of self-care.

And when I'm feeling down again, I'll grab my laptop and start working on the next one in the series!

Do any of you write romcom and get as much joy from it as I do? If so, post links to your stories in my comments. I want to read them!



(P.S. Keep your eyes on this blog and my social media for the official unveiling of my upcoming, self-care induced, romantic comedy!!!)

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