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Lauren's Library #4

Does life sometimes get away from you? Not in the way that you stop living for a moment, but more like it crashes down on you in a swift avalanche. So many things are tumbling by, it's hard to get a firm grip. When you finally come up for breath and look back, you think, "Wow. I just lived a lot of life really fast."

I am in the middle of that avalanche.

It's a combination of travel, and holidays, and family, and moving, and new job ...

Some moments I'm giddy with excitement, and then a few seconds later I'm looking for a corner where I can curl up into a ball and cry.

During these overwhelming influxes of life, I want to find time to read, but that's not always easy. So, I found a solution that works for me. Instead of reading and recommending full length novels, this month Lauren's Library consists of three novellas. Nice short stories I was able to fit into my hectic schedule.

Mating the Huntress by Talia Hibbert

I know that Halloween has already passed us by, but if you're the type to cling to carved pumpkins until they're moldy and unrecognizable because you don't want to face the fact that the time for bats and witches and spooky ghosts is an entire year away, then READ THIS STORY! Sexy, deadly werewolf trying his absolute hardest to behave and impress his human mate who is secretly trying to murder him. It is hilarious and perfect no matter what month it is.

Between the Waves by Ellie Malouff

With all this cold, wet weather making leaving my apartment miserable (especially when walking my dog), I found the idea of falling in love with a surfer in Hawaii immensely appealing. Learn to ride a wave even as the temperatures outside drop below freezing. Apparently, the author was inspired by the drool-worthy Chris Hemsworth and his love of surfing!

Blitzen's Fated Mate by R. E. Butler

What is sexier than one of Santa's reindeer? Normally, a lot of things. But not in the world R. E. Butler has crafted! This is a cute, quick story that got me into the holiday spirit and had me thinking about Christmas in a whole new way. If you like shifter stories, but you're tired of the run-of-the-mill wolves and bears, give this holiday treat a try!



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