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Music and writing ...

Writing is more than just putting my pen to paper (or my fingers to a keyboard). There is this whole other side that happens in the mysterious dark recesses of my lovely brain. I build scenes and dialogue in my thoughts before I attempt to write them down. Which means I'm often crafting when my mind is free to drift, like when I'm in the car driving. (Don't worry, I always keep my eyes on the road!)

The best brainstorm fuel for me is a relaxed brain paired with a special ingredient ...


Snippets of tunes and lyrics have the ability to put me in a variety of frames of mind. Songwriters have done a beautiful thing by condensing stories into short segments. It's inspiring. For a few minutes I can experience whatever emotion the artist was trying to convey.

And in that time I can build a scene in my story.

Country music is romance story fodder to the MAX. It's full of heartbreak and grand romantic gestures. When I'm stuck, my first solution is to turn on a country radio station, and let the songs of the south surround me until I can't do anything other than imagine romantic stories.

If the radio isn't doing it for me, I often check out a CD from the local library to blast in my car while I'm driving to and from work. (That's right, I still use CDs!) Sometimes forcing myself to listen to an entire album ends with me discovering a track I wouldn't have heard on the radio, and that newly discovered song helps me craft a heart wrenching narrative or even a goofy exchange.

Here are a view of my favorites as of late:

And of course, there's Spotify. I don't usually go through the hassle of hooking my phone up to play in my car, so Spotify normally gets its turn when I'm cleaning my apartment or showering (another lovely brainstorming time). Recently, I discovered the magnificence of fashioning a playlist for each of my books. It's so much fun! I enjoy finding songs that remind me of my characters, and I love being able to share my inspiration with all you readers out there! Playlists are especially helpful when I'm working on multiple projects at one time. If I need to transition between them, I just listen to a certain set of songs to get into the writing mood for the particular project.

Check out my Spotify profile!

Inspiration can hit at any time, so I make sure that listening to music is a part of my daily routine.

How about you? Does music inspire your creativity? Do you like listening to playlists created by authors? Is there any song you've heard lately that just punched you in the chest with the level of emotion the artist was able to convey?

Let me know in the comments!!! (Especially about that last one ... I love when songs beat me up ;) )



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