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Just one more pin ...

I have fallen in love.

With Pinterest.

When it comes to finding inspiration for my characters or settings, this is the first place I go. And I lie to myself. I say I just need to figure out what outfit my hero is wearing, or how to describe the shape of my heroine's lips, and then an hour and 50 pins later, I realize I've used up all of my writing time falling into the sweet daydream land of Pinterest.

It has everything!

Food? Check.

Cute clothes? Check.

Adorable puppies? Check.

Tattoo ideas? Check.

Ridiculous jokes? Check.

Hot guys? Check, check, and triple check!

How am I not supposed to get tangled and the sparkly web of Pinterest?

Despite its ability to thoroughly ensnare me, or maybe because of that, I highly recommend this lovely website to authors and non-authors. There are so many different ways to utilize it. I'm just scratching the surface! One of my favorite aspects is you can have both public and private pin boards, which is cool because it means I can plan all my future books in secret! ;-) It also means people don't have to know how pin crazy I go some days ...

And if you're wondering if I have a Pinterest board for You Only Need One, the answer is: duh!

I'm still a Pinterest newbie, so I may do a post in the future talking about how Pinterest has helped me grow as an author. But for now, I'm happy to use this fun easy tool to connect visuals with my narrative.

If you've made a Pinterest board you love, share it in the comments! I'll probably get lost in yours too ...

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