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Pre-order available now!

I've set a release date for You Only Need One: November 14! Keep an eye out for the cover reveal, which will be coming soon ...

Writing this book took me down some interesting research rabbit holes. Kidney disease and its treatments are complex subjects that I still feel like I've only grasped the basic concepts of. But what I clearly saw through all of my interviewing and reading and video watching, is that at the core these are just people figuring out new ways to live their lives. And people fall in love, whether they are sick or healthy. Life doesn't get put on pause just because you have to spend a larger portion of it in a hospital than you used to.

So please join me as Ben and Holly come to realize how their futures can intertwine, no matter what the universe might put in their ways!

If you'd like to pre-order a copy visit any of these retailers:

Let me know you plan on reading YONO on Goodreads!

Right now you can purchase You Only Need One at the discounted price of $2.99, but that will not last forever!

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