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You Only Need One

A college student in need of a kidney. A classmate willing to save his life. He was never supposed to fall in love.

Ben Gerhard may look healthy on the outside, but his kidney failure has progressed rapidly, and none of his family or friends are matches to donate. Relief comes in the form of Holly Foster. She’s bossy, adorable, and offering to undergo surgery to save Ben. Problem is, the more time he spends around Holly, the more he wants her to see him as a someone other than the sick guy she’s agreed to help. Could she ever crave him the way he longs for her?


She promised him her kidney, but he wants her heart.

Holly cannot be attracted to Ben. If things fall apart, her older brother will lose out on the organ promised to him from another source. Their family has been burned in the past, and this time needs to go smoothly. Problem is, Holly is finding that the guy whose life she’s agreed to save is becoming an integral part of her own.

If she’s not careful, he’ll take more than she’s willing to give...

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