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Wanting a Witch Mockup ebook and paperba

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When a vampire moves in with a witch, the holiday gets interesting.

Keta Latimer returned to her hometown with a mission, only to get sidetracked by a gorgeous witch. Unfortunately, Keta’s past has taught her that witches and vampires don’t mix, so she puts her romantic hopes aside. Still, when the magical woman offers her spare bedroom as a temporary place to crash, Keta finds herself getting cozy with her new roommate and maybe overstaying her welcome.

Roe Fowler never thought the woman she saved six years ago would reappear on her doorstep looking like a golden goddess and offering heartfelt thanks. Roe should have accepted the kind words and waved goodbye. Instead, she invites the vampire into her home. The newcomer’s daily presence brings Roe joy, but she senses there are wounds beneath Keta’s skin that even her witchy healing powers can’t fix.

As the Winter Solstice approaches, the tension between the two paranormal housemates increases. On the longest night of the year, a vampire and a witch will have to confront a painful past and choose whether to let the magic of Yule forge a lasting connection or part when the sun rises.

Wanting a Witch is a 23,000 word paranormal romance novella for readers who want to see two women falling in love during the Winter Solstice. There’s light-hearted shenanigans, a warm magical bath, a whole bunch of crockpots cooking, and on-page sexy times. Grab your copy now!

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