#RedReReid Halfway Check-In

October 30, 2019


Because I shifted Beard With Me to the front of my Winston Brothers Re-Reid, finishing Grin and Beard it means I'm halfway through! Still left to go:


-Beard Science
-Beard in Mind
-Dr. Strange Beard
-Beard Necessities


What have I found so far?


1) Beard with Me was so sweet and heartbreaking, but I loved having a new perspective on Billy and Scarlet/Claire, especially their side interactions in Grin and Beard It. Plus, now I am rabid for their happy ending! It's going to be SO GOOD!


2) I enjoyed Beauty and the Mustache a lot more. The first time around, I started with Truth or Beard, then went back to Beauty and the Mustache, and I was thoroughly disappointed to discover that BatM was single perspective. In ToB I got to jump inside both Jessica and Duane's heads, but in BatM I only got Ashley's. What?! I wanted to hear from Drew so bad! However, this time I knew what to expect, so I just paid closer attention to all the large and small ways that Drew showed his personality and his love, as well as picking up on how the story would've been much different if I got to hear every thought he had. I'm not saying I wouldn't have loved a dual perspective BatM, but I found more enjoyment than I had in the past.


3) Truth or Beard. Loved it. Nothing has changed. Duane is glorious in all his sexy, secret pining. I love me some long term secret crushes by a man with a hard shell and soft center. Jessica is probably the heroine I identifying with the most, seeing as how I have a restless travel need in me, and I don't see it abating any time soon. So ... where's my own personal Duane travel buddy at?


4) The first time I read Grin and Beard It I started off angry at this book. Well, more accurately, I was pissed off at the library patron that returned it a good two weeks late, which massively delayed me getting to Beard Science, which sat on my shelf the whole time, mocking me with solemn nods (in the way Cletus does). But now that I own the entire Winston Brothers series, I was able to read on my schedule! Therefore, while still not number one in my ranking, this was another one in the series I found more joy in the second time around.


Basically, this Re-Reid has been lovely so far, and I cannot wait to immerse myself in the second half, starting with my favorite Winston story ...


Jennifer Knocks Cletus On His Metaphorical Ass!


AKA Beard Science.




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