Mooning Over a Monster

Chapter Eight

The sun just starts to sink below the tree line as I lead Mahon down toward my dock. When I woke up from my nap, still sprawled over him, I worried I’d kept the man too long.

“I’m off work today. Keep me as long as you want,” he assured me with a cheeky grin that had my nipples tightening under my Velcro sports bra.

At some point in the last few hours, maybe when he cared for me while I hugged the toilet or when he offered to commit a crime against the people who’d hurt my mama, I lost the hesitation about bringing him to my small inlet of Lake Galen. Now, I cannot wait to dip the shifter into my water.

My house sits at the northwest part of the lake, closer to the Appalachian Mountains, which means the shore is steep enough to require switchback stairs to descend to the waterline. Normally, I’d just glide down. But with my webbed fingers wrapped around Mahon’s wrist, I keep my feet on the ground.

The rush and trickle of a waterfall greets us. The cascade is less of a massive curtain off a ledge and more a leapfrog down a series of large rocks. But I love living next to one of the tributaries to the lake. The falls ensure my inlet has freshwater year-round unless there’s a drought.

“You have a paradise, right in your backyard.” Mahon stares wide-eyed around my cove as we break through the last stand of trees. 

I have to agree. The steep banks block most of the sun, even when the glowing mass sits high in the sky, but that only means this space is greener, lush from shade and water, the falls cooling the humid air until I shiver.
Of course, that might be anticipation.

“This is my favorite spot.” I face the bear and reveal a vulnerable piece of my heart. “You’re the only person I’ve brought here.”

If I thought his eyes were wide before, they’re planetary now. 

“Levi?” he asks.

I shake my head. “He has his own lakefront property. And we rarely swim together.” One more indication he wasn’t the man for me. Because more than almost anything in the world, I love to swim.

“I am honored.” He places a fist over his heart, as if pledging fealty to me. If only I could inspire that type of deep loyalty.

“Even more honored than when I humped you?” I tease, needing to lighten the weight of this moment.

Mahon beams, stepping in close to settle his grip on my hips. “Equally. And doubly if you honor me with a humping here.”

My laughter bounces off the large stones that litter the bank, and I know for certain that inviting him into this space was the right choice. But I’m not done with the acts of vulnerability.

“Did you know that I have a second form?” As I ask, I slide away from his grip, stepping carefully to reach the short gangplank that stretches to my floating dock. 

The wooden platform is small, only big enough for a couple of chairs or to lounge on. One of my fondest memories is swimming in this inlet as my parents shared an evening cocktail in their folding chairs. I’d bring them the smoothest rocks I could find and then set the stones back in the exact spots I’d found them, not wanting to steal anything from Lake Galen.

“A true second form or another spell?” The humor has left Mahon’s voice, and I turn to find him watching me with concern.

“A true form,” I assure him. “But I’m not going to show you until you get in the water.”

The tense wrinkles ease from his forehead, replaced with crinkling crow’s-feet as his beard curves with a smile. “I’ll do anything you want, but fair warning: I didn’t bring a swimsuit.”

Pushing against the air with my wings, I descend on the dock before facing him again. “That didn’t stop you last time.”

A beautiful blush tints his cheeks, clashing with his beard in the best way. “You naughty woman! You’ve been looking for a way to strip me down since the dark moon, haven’t you? Saw something you like?” He gives me his back, glancing over his shoulder. “Was my ass, right? You could bounce a quarter off the thing. At least, I think you can. I’ve never been able to get the angle right.”

I press my knuckles against my lips but can’t help the snorts that escape out the slits of my nose.

Mahon’s hazel eyes twinkle with humor as he tugs off his shirt. My breath speeds as his hands drop to his waist, and a second later, I find out the bear goes commando.

Good to know.

Feeling playful myself, I stick my fingers in my mouth and let out a perfectly executed wolf whistle. Or bear whistle, in this case. And despite his bawdy humor, I swear the blush spreads to that coin-ricocheting butt of his.

Mahon gives a loud whoop as he cannonballs into the water. The ground is so steep here that I have no concerns about him hitting the bottom. Just a few feet from shore, the depth drops to double digits. When his ginger head breaches the surface, Mahon executes a perfect mermaid hair flip, immediately ruined by his mouth.

“Damn The Cold One! How’s it so chilly here? I’ve got an icicle where my dick used to be.” Mahon treads water expertly as he complains.

“It’s the waterfall. That’s pure mountain water. And don’t go around, insulting the gods, or else you will lose your parts. And I happen to want them to stay exactly where they are.” As I scold the blasphemous bear, I settle myself on the edge of the dock, slipping my bare feet into the water, loving how clear everything is in my cove.

The shifter guffaws, and then proving he was just grumbling for grumble’s sake, he paddles to the mouth of the falls, where the clean water spills through a V created by two boulders.

“There’s fish here!” 

His delight has me smiling, and I get the sense the more time I spend with Mahon, the more beauty I’ll see in the world. The man seems to find joy whenever and wherever he can.

“Hey, curious bear, want to see something cool?”

Mahon faces me, having found a shallow enough part to stand. The water laps around his waist, but through the clear liquid, I catch a distorted glimpse of his cock. Suddenly, I want a much closer view.

“What’s this cool thing you’re bragging about?” he challenges with a smirk.
I respond by melting. My clothes fall to the surface of the dock as every part of my body transforms into H2O. I flow into Lake Galen, immediately one with all the water around me.

My other form.

This version of me is exactly right, according to the lore of mythics. In this watery body, I am like every other undine. It’s as if I had two slots and three options, and the universe decided to carefully place undine into one and forcefully shove dragon and human into the other.

Both feel right to me. It’s the rest of the world that cannot handle one.
Sinking into the gentle current, I flow through the inlet, reintroducing myself to every rock and root and stretch of clay. This lake bottom is home. I’ve traversed almost all of Lake Galen this way, but no part inspires such loyalty as this cove.


Even deep under the surface, I hear his voice. With a shift, I flow to the space in front of Mahon, and I pull on my power to rise from the surface, presenting a watery form to reassure him.

“Gods, you freaked me out there. My fault.” He offers a rueful grin. “Forgot you’re part undine.” He steps forward and tries to wrap his thick arms around my waist. But the muscular limbs pass straight through. Mahon frowns, brows dipping low.

“Pouty bear,” I tease. “Let me make you feel better.”


Before he can finish asking, I sink back into the lake. I might not be able to create a fully solid figure from water, but that doesn’t mean I can’t exert pressure.

Mahon’s bare legs stand firm, like thick tree trunks plunging into the water. And there’s his branch, bobbing in the gentle current. Almost as if he were waving to me.

Can’t let that greeting go unacknowledged.

Leisurely, I weave my body through and around his legs. Then, giving in to desire, I form my mouth and ease my liquid lips down his length until he juts straight and proud.

“Holy gods. I-is that you, Satine?”

With a flick of my form, I gently splash his chest, all the while continuing to taste him.

“It is. It is you.” His hands dive through the water, seeking some solid part of me to hold on to as I pleasure him. But there’s nothing, and he growls out curses, digging his fingers into his hair instead.

I suck and lave him, coaxing warmer water from a sunnier section of the lake to wrap around him. With teasing currents, I press against his testicles, watching the balls bob and loving the needy grunts I earn in response.

Then, acting on a particularly naughty urge, I direct a strong stream straight at his anus. The bear roars, cum spurting from the tip of his cock. I ease back, and with a flick of power, I send the milky liquid out into the lake.

“Satine,” Mahon pants. “Come back to me. Please. I need to hold you.”
Again, his longing for my form, the one even my parents agreed needed to be hidden from the world, fills me with joy.

Mahon wants me.

I allow my corporeal form to manifest, rising from the water with droplets flowing off my scaled skin. Before I can speak, Mahon has his arms about my waist, nose buried in my neck, as if he can breathe me in.

“I felt you here, but I couldn’t scent you,” he groans the words, as if the loss pained him.

“What do I smell like?” Carefully, I comb my claws through his hair, enjoying the soft tease of the strands against my webbing.

“Mmm.” Mahon presses a series of kisses up my neck. “Warm rocks.”

“What?” I bark, not sure if I should laugh or be offended.

The shifter has his cock pinned between us, and with subtle rocks of his hips, he presses his length against my belly.

Is he getting hard again? Already?

“You know when you find a big rock that’s been baking in the sun all day? You just want to lie on it and soak in that warmth, and the scent in the air is hot stone?” Mahon meets my eyes now, his almost glazed over as he keeps up his subtle thrusting. “That’s what you smell like.”

He claims my thin lips in an eager kiss.

I’m so drugged by his lustful response; I barely notice him dragging me through the water, toward the dock. Somehow, the bear kisses me and swims at the same time. It’s only when he breaks away from my mouth and lifts me to sit on the old wood that I realize we’ve relocated.


This time, I’m the one cut off by erotic attention. Mahon presses my knees open, putting my vulva on display. That part of me is similar to human females from what I’ve seen in porn and pictures online. Everything, except—

“Blue.” The shifter beams up at me. “My favorite color.”

Then, he dives in and consumes me as if I were his favorite food. And just as he described during our naughty picnic, Mahon laps at me until my wings flap and I shout his name.

Letting all of Lake Galen know he’s my bear.