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Love and the Library

Holt Award Finalist

Hannah Smalls made an important discovery. In the whole of the university library, one spot reigns supreme. The Chair provides comfort while encouraging productivity. It is everything Hannah could ever want from a study space, which is why she has decided to spend the majority of sophomore year nestled in its cushiony embrace. There's only one problem ...

A messy-haired, sleepy-eyed, cocky junior has the same exact plan. 

Nathan Cooper's roommate has made studying in his apartment impossible. Luckily, he found The Spot, an optimal place in the library to get work done without any distraction. Well, other than the cute girl who beats him there half the time. He shouldn't let her fierce glares throw him off his game, but Nathan finds himself enjoying their daily competition.

Despite lost battles for the coveted library territory, both students are determined to win the war ... by any means necessary.

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