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Contemporary Anthologies


Only One Bed Anthology, Vol. 1

The Bed Hierarchy


One innocent night can change the course of a life. Theo discovered this first hand when Olive Buchanan came into his world for less than 24 hours. Six years later, he still can't get over the memory of her. That's the only reason he's agreed to attend the Buchanan family's annual vacation; to prove that his best friend's little sister is not the perfect woman his mind has made her out to be. He has one week to put aside this secret obsession and move on. A task that is suddenly difficult when he finds himself getting closer to her every night...


Enemies to Lovers Anthology

Cul-de-sac Cupid


The best revenge is an extravagantly decorated house. This is the philosophy Diana swears by as she uses an unspoken rivalry with her neighbor as a distraction from her recent heartache. Who can focus on a failed love life when there are three dozen pumpkins to carve? As Diana works to out do the woman across the street, she finds her fascination with her neighbor may be less about the need to win, and more about making sure Melany Buchanan’s attention never strays far from her front door.

Out of print.

Enemies To Lovers
Friends to Lovers
Friends to Lovers vol 2 ebook HI RES (1).jpg

Friends to Lovers Anthology

The Boyfriends Rules


Hendrick needs to find Audrey a boyfriend. He promised. Plus, she’s tutoring him in Marine Biology in exchange for his help, and Audrey’s magnificent brain is the only reason he’s passing. But when Hendrick takes on the role of wingman for his friend, navigating the unimpressive dating pool at their college, he can’t help thinking no guy is worthy of Audrey’s time. Not even him. Still, that doesn’t stop him from wanting more...

Out of print.

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